SEDA DrainBox

The new cost effective SEDA ELV de-pollution system is the ideal solution for
automotive recyclers with limited space. The DrainBox fulfills requirements with its compact size for the needs of small recyclers and fits perfectly into existing processes and automations. It consists of a vehicle rack, a housing with 6 double diaphragm pumps for all fluids and filters as well as a TankDrillingMachine and a swingarm with an oil funnel.

SEDA ModuleOne

The compact and professional ELV de-pollution solution! The ModuleOne is easy to install, has a small footprint with SEDA built quality at an affordable price. The ModuleOne is the perfect solution for low volume dismantlers or scrap yards who prefer to use equipment to de-pollute their vehicles professional within the law.
Incorporating powerful 1 inch pumps and the award winning Heavy Duty (HD) TankDrillingMachine, the ModuleOne saves on price without sacrificing safety or quality.